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Bitlocker using Bootdisk  

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Hello All,
I have different models of laptops all throughout my organization. I am testing bootdisks within my office on the different laptops. Trying to figure out the easiest ways to image laptops. Some of the laptops have Bitlocker enable and some don’t. The laptops without Bitlocker easy to image. The issue is with the laptops that have Bitlocker enabled. Here are some of the bootdisk I have tried using Palidan, WinFe, and Hiren to name a few. I can't access the C Drive or any physical hard drive within the laptop when booted into a distro. One laptop I have has 3 physical hard drives installed. I don’t see any of the three hard drives when using the Bootdisks.
I access the laptops live using FTK Imager to check the access of the physical drives. I can’t see any data when I access the drives physical. I can see data when I choose the logical option in FTK.
1. Why cannot access the physical hard drives when using a Bootdisk?
2. Is there a Bootdisk that will access the physical hard drive with Bitlocker enabled?
3. Do I have to remove the hard drives for the laptops in order to image?
4. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?

Posted : 27/02/2020 3:16 pm