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Delete Multiple Values in chntpw when deleting MS Online Account in Windows 10

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Goal is: Deactivating the password of an MS Online Account.

I am pretty sure you know of the solution, where you delete every value in this key section of the SAM file, that is NOT called "F" or "V":


But using chntpw I have to manually delete every value, so for example:

dv ForcePasswordReset

dv ResetData



I did not find a solution where I could write the values at least in one line (comma did not work). Neither did I find a solution where I could kind of "script" this hole thing (the underlying tool is "reged").

This would be very cool as these values seem mostly to be the same.

Anyone who has an idea here, for at least deleting multiple values, like


dv GivenName | Surname | ResetData








Topic starter Posted : 02/03/2021 10:47 am