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Digital Forensics With Open Source Tools - libewf build  

New Member

I am working my way through Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools, but am confused in an early stage of the book. I've gone past it, but it is haunting me that I can't figure it out! So I wanted to ask for help.

The below line is listed

[email protected]~/src/libewf-20100226$./configure –help

But I don't see a folder in the src folder for libewf.

I know that I am missing something simple, but really want to be able to follow along and compile similar to the book. I am using Mint as my distro and I installed the libewf1, libewf-dbg, and libewf-dev through the software manager.

Thank you for any/all help!

Posted : 31/08/2013 9:00 am
New Member

And never mind……I just found the new area for the tools through google, downloaded the new tar, unzipped, navigated to the folder and then all of my commands worked just fine. Sorry for bothering anyone who looked!

Posted : 31/08/2013 9:28 am