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Does it Cellebrite Elite work with the last Android devices?

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I have an UFED Touch 2 unit and license and as everybody knows, the last Android phones with the last Android versions cannot be extracted (at least physically). You can only excute APK Downgrade process and be very careful (and if you believe, also pray), because WhatsApp, Telegram and others APKs can be deleted and even databeses can be deleted. If APKs are deleted there is no problem because you can restore it, but not in the case of databases.


In my opinion, APK Downgrade is not very well debugged in Cellebrite. I have some colleagues who work for big cybersecurity companies and they have their own engineered solutions based on Python which work so much better than Cellebrite does, because every possible branch in the execution of the APK Downgrade process has been included and tested with different devices. Obviously, they don't share these solutions because it is their core business. Also, these companies are developing their own Telegram parsers which can parse the Telegram's formal grammar (you know messages in Telegram are not stored as WhatsApp does), and even some other parsers for different apps whcih work better than Cellebrite's.


So, does it Cellebrite Elite work with the new Android devices? Which techniques does it use to extract de devices?


Thanks everybody.

Posted : 01/10/2022 1:24 am
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I work with UFED Ultimate and Premium, both work well with newer devices. Yes, physically don't work but with encrypted storage a physical extraction is nearly useless. In my experience the full file system is often better, because more files are decrypted.

Posted : 21/10/2022 9:13 am
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Hello Skywalker, i am interested in the solution "engineered solutions based on Python" is it possible to contact this firm or peoples? thanks

Posted : 29/11/2022 4:32 pm
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