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FTK Imager: Scripted?  

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Has anyone successfully scripted FTK Imager? I've managed to use a KIX script to type in values, tab across fields, etc., to remotely image a machine but it's shaky. It would be nice if there was a command-line version that accepted the variables. If you have ideas on how to better script this, please toss me your suggestions.

The goal is to remotely image a live machine for internal inquiries. EnCase Enterprise is not an option for me. The end goal is to have an image format that can be used in FTK and/or EnCase and/or ILook. I'd prefer to not "install" anything and to instead execute a package on the target and send the result to a server share. This is what makes the FTK Imager so attractive…Ideas?

Posted : 04/01/2006 7:44 pm