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FTK under VirtualBox (CM-Stick issues)  

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Hi there,

I have been unsuccessfully trying to install the drivers for the FTK dongle (WIBU Tech Codemeter) under WinXP (both 32 and 64 bit) inside VirtualBox(2.0 .. 3.1.2) in Linux (amd64, 2.6.28 …) 😯 Sorry for the long sentence roll

The dongle gets partially seen, the CodeMeter Control Center can detect its serial number, but cannot access it. I get the following message

2010-01-29 061801 Detecting CmStick with Serial Number [SANITIZED]
2010-01-29 062016 Event WB0410 (UNKNOWN) occurred Error in reading the CmStick content.

Has anybody been able to use it with VirtualBox?

The only reference I found was this


Posted : 29/01/2010 1:05 pm
Active Member

Those Codemeter dongles are quite quirky and VirtualBox isn't great at handling USB. I think it was only three versions ago where USB just didn't work in virtualBox at all.

Not a great answer I'm afraid but it's the best I can do as I wouldn't even dream of running FTK in a virtual machine, it's flaky enough in a real machine that is dedicated to FTK and nothing else.


Posted : 31/01/2010 12:50 am
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I don't remember to had a problem with this.
I do run it now under parallels in imac but i remember i installed it on a virtual box under win7. I can recall that installation had some problems and i reinstalled it. It has to do with when you pass the dongle to the VM i think. That's for Virtual Box.

Yiannis Paschos

Posted : 01/02/2010 2:06 pm
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Thank you for the replies!

Well, then may be I should try running FTK with XP guest on XP host…

That will give me at least some isolation and snapshot capability and I'll come up with something for the host (restoring from image from time to time).

Posted : 08/02/2010 5:52 am
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I had the same issue, I had to do the following

Add your linux user account to the following groups

lp & vboxusers

To do this in ubuntu 9.10 click system, administration, Users and Groups. Click the keys to make changes click your user account then manage groups scroll down the list select lp then properties then tick your user do the same for vboxusers.

Logout and the log back in then try your virtual box guest OS with your dongle attached (you might need to attach it via the usb menu)

Hope that helps


Posted : 18/03/2010 2:05 am