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At a 1-million people event - StreetParade - we fly drones with FR to detect people either in need or trying to hide (HelpOrHide). Our partners for this ambitious project were AnyVision and Yozmot. But the results for the AI-based real-time lifestream analysis (Drone To Ground mDataCenter over RF-4k-stream) are not reaching our high-level requirements.

Has anybody a very, very advanced AI-based FR-company (Chinese-based strictly forbidden!) who can jump-in a running project with DeadLine August 13th, 2022 Zurich StreetParade?

To regonize ES Emotional State of FacialRecognitions real-time (not post-processing) in a sub-optimal, very crowded and tight people event requires global-top-tech. Toda.


Topic starter Posted : 06/05/2022 8:15 pm
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