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IEF Report Viewer Hanging/Pausing Problems  

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We've had a problem with IEF Report Viewer (IEFRV) where you can be reviewing output and for no apparent reason IEFRV will just hang/pause and eventually come back to life, most of the time.

I had a look into this using Process Monitor and it turns out IEFRV is reading the source E01 files as it requires access to these for the HEX and TEXT views within IEFRV. It would appear that the length of time that IEFRV hangs/pauses depends on the number of E01 files present.

If you're not too worried about viewing the data in HEX or TEXT view there is a workaround that can sever the link between IEFRV and the source E01 files.

Open the IEFCase.ief6 file in an SQLite browser.

Open the Sources table.

Change the SourceType entry from 1 to 0. It can be anything other than 1 but 0 seems most appropriate.

Write the changes and save everything.

When you next open IEFRV you won't be able to view the HEX or TEXT but you won't have problems with IEFRV hanging.

Hope this helps people.

Topic starter Posted : 29/01/2019 12:30 pm