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MD5 Hash file Manipulator for X-Ways  

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Attached is a program to manipulate your Hash sets from X-Ways.
It will allow you to Add hashes, Remove hashes, Compare hashes and remove the duplicates, create hash set of excluded files, and be in the proper format to quickly import to X-Ways.
This will allow users to maintain their hash sets and create small diff files if needed to distribute when hashes are added/removed from database.
It works on the basis of add or removing records, indicating duplicates and also the '-' prefix implemented in X-ways

There are instructions on how to use. Please read.
Make sure you use the backup option for master file or make a copy of Hash Text file before using.

This will help with with maintaining your hash sets as well as eliminating the wrong files that have been added to your wrong hash sets.

Hashbrown program 64 bit version only http// updated October 10 2014

New Version that handles many duplicates and many unsorted more efficiently

instructions http//


Posted : 08/08/2014 11:58 pm
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Updates to handle duplicate and unsorted values more efficiently


Posted : 20/10/2014 5:13 am