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Memoryze unable to find auditviewer.exe or in extract or web

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I realize that Redline and Volatility are touted as superior (I have both) but I would still link to try Memoryze to view existing ram dumps. Please advise. Thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2021 6:05 am
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If you see Redline and Memoryze touted as "superior", you may rely on a very old source. Both tools are outdated and have problems with Windows 10 mem dumps. No idea what they will do with a mem dump from Windows 11 or Server 2022.... šŸ˜®Ā 

There is only one free tool left as the de-facto standard: Volatility.Ā 
Invest your time in a Volatility training and forget the tools from the last decade.

regards, Robin

Posted : 19/12/2021 11:43 am
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Thanks for the feedback. I mainly wanted to satisfy my curiosity with Memoryze. I did acknowledge Volatiity is a good tool "... Redline and Volatility are touted as superior...."

Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2021 10:42 pm
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