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Recovering recordings from BCD/Dahua NVR

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I have HDD from NVR that got connected to PC and the disk got initialized by Windows... The NVR is not recognizing the disk anymore, but I've managed to image the whole disk.

I tried copying a section of RAW image and saving it to the file with .DAV extension and I definitely can play it with Smart Player application - with one exception - the player is unaware that the file consist pictures from multiple cameras and plays footage which switches one camera to another.

I was curious if the video files have headers and footers so I could use it with Scalpel but it seems not consistent (for example 44 48 41 56 FD 00 01 00 EC which apparently does not split the footage). I know that the disk have a DHFS4.1 file system.

According to documents like these it seems it is possible to extract the H.264 video data only.

Is there any better way I could extract all the footage from this disk without using expensive tools?

Topic starter Posted : 26/11/2021 9:26 pm
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