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Recovering video from Everfocus DVR  

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I have an issue where there was a motion triggered recorded event on an Everfocus DVR per a surveillance camera. The video begins recording when the software detects a person entering an alley and they end up passing out. Two people approach and are standing over the person when there is a sudden movement of the two people then the video cuts instantly to 50 seconds later and the person on the ground is fighting with the two. It was said that the event is missing due to motion detection but the meta data would suggest the entire incident was recorded. Is there any way the video would still be on the drive or any logs from a recording captured in August 2018?

Posted : 02/03/2020 9:45 am

As we say often, it depends.

If the drive in the DVR is large enough to still hold recordings from 2018, then it might still be there. This is probably unlikely. I used to collect video regularly and I do not recall seeing one that went back more than three months. But being the recordings are triggered by motion and not continually recording, it would be worth looking at the original system and see if it is there.

Most DVR's have a save feature for events. It is possible this event was saved by the device owner or someone else interacting with the system. I have seen managers do this.

If the video is as valuable to your investigation as you say, I would go back to the original system and see if the recording is still there. This serves a two fold purpose. The first being, if the recording is still there you will get it along with any other recordings that might show the incident from another angle. You could also check other DVR's in the area to see if they have a recording.

The second purpose is, when you go to court, if all you have is the original recording, you can at least testify that you tried to get the complete video, but it was unavailable. It shows a level of thoroughness and fairness on your part, and takes away one more thing the defense can argue about. The worst would be if the defense attorney's investigator went to the store and found the complete video exonerating his client and you did not. As impartial as the prosecution needs to be, there is nothing worse than when the defense found some low hanging fruit and presents it to the jury when the state should have found it.

I do not know if this is much help, or is the answer you want.

Posted : 02/03/2020 2:09 pm
New Member

Thank you Kastajamah. I do believe the unit is a one terabyte 16 channel model. So the actual video sizes are relatively small. I'm just curious if the full recording has been overwritten if there isn't also system logs to show when the archive was accessed and modified at a certain date. Or if an investigator would be able to find possible evidence of tampering.

Posted : 02/03/2020 11:11 pm