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Reporting help in the X-ways  

New Member

X-ways says something in the messages windows like "Unable to read file.txt —>added to report table" while exporting. I am not able to find related report or related data to include a report.

Could you give me a hint?

Posted : 28/02/2020 2:36 pm
New Member

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I believe that you are looking for where the report table is, and how to access it?

If that is the case, go to the Case Data window, select file, then select create report, which will bring you to the report table and you can find what it added.

If you are asking why you're receiving the error, its probably because the file is corrupted and exporting it would create a corrupted file.

let me know if I am off the mark.

Posted : 28/02/2020 3:18 pm
Junior Member

It seems like your file was added to your report table which is what you use to generate a report. You need to filter on the report table column the filter will will probably be under something like "unable to read". I cant exactly remember but that should point you in the right direction. It also might crash your x-ways so save first.

Posted : 28/02/2020 3:34 pm
Active Member

Yes Kenobyte is right.

When something is "added to a report table" Xways has created a Report Table Association for you (Xways speak for Bookmark).

When producing your report you need to include this RTA in your report, or like Kenobyte said, explore recursively your entire drive and filter the Report Table column in directory browser.

Posted : 02/03/2020 9:22 pm