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Rather than totally hijacking the topic in this other thread "About legality of usage of unlicensed forensics tool" - which has already veered off from legality to ethics - I thought that I'd float this question separately.

Using pirated software is an addiction. It starts with using one, then you earn some money, then there is always a reason to postpone actually buying it, because… it is free?

… the user of cracked software may later become a legit customer, whilst if he/she had took the "moral" approach he/she would have had no occasion to try and get familiar with the given software and that there is no loss for the maker of the software because the user would not have bought it anyway …

Two distinct an opposing views - now, the media and software industry have moved to counter these issues by allowing "subscription" services

Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Office365, Adobe Creative Cloud*

I for one would be interested in a monthly subscription model for forensic software - I don't necessarily want to use EnCase for a year, but perhaps I would for one case - for which a month subscription might be good - this would also cover the more financially stretched examiner starting out - invest for the first month - if you can cover your costs / like the product, roll the subscription - otherwise, don't …

Would this model interest others ? Are there any disadvantages that people see that I don't ? I'm curious.

[ By the way, if this already exists - please let me know and point me at it - I didn't go searching, but I don't recall seeing it anywhere either … ]

* full disclosure, I have _all_ of these subscriptions - some personally, some professionally - and I think that they are great - they actually suit the way that I use media and mean that I'm rarely unable to watch / listen to what I want, and I'm only a click away from an install of the latest version of a huge range of software products on multiple machines ( but it checks to make sure that I'm not using it on more than I am allowed … ) I kind of have this with my XWays dongle - but I still pay that all up front - I'd love to split that over a year personally, and I might well buy into FTK / EnCase at least on a one off for a month to try them out …

Posted : 27/11/2018 9:04 am
Senior Member

I don't think that bulk buying EnCase is going to happen for me any time soon -P

Nuix isn't quite the same thing … but fair point.

Axiom however, colour me interested !

Ah, a secure, scalable cloud server with all the processing, memory, disk and software one could dream of leased on a per hour / day / month basis … This is true nirvana 😉

Posted : 27/11/2018 4:09 pm