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Software suggestions for a "geek policeman" in the context of a TV serie?  


Hi everyone,

For a TV serie, one asked me to create the setting of a room for a "geek policeman" doing forensics. The actor of the serie knows nothing about forensics but I will be there to assist him a little if necessary. We mostly we need to create an atmosphere.

As I understood, this character will be funny, out of the standard, and this lets us some freedom for the setting. However, I would like the tools used to look realistic to your expert eyes. 🙂
It must be easy to use for the player (e.g. some scrollable timeline with prepopulated demo data).

I plan to bring there several harware like docks, hard drives, cables, readers, soldering station ...

There will be at least four monitors, including one dual screen configuration.

I'm considering running MHDD (performing a disk surface check) on one computer.

On another, maybe a Linux forensic CD, or Knoppix with the voice synthesis if they allow it 😉 .

I'm looking for suggestions about what should I display on the two additional monitors of the computer running Windows. Probably some hex editor, a timeline, and your other suggestions.

Basically, we don't plan buying forensic software only for the movie, but my hope is you have some software with a trial period or some freeware to suggest.
Of course if we can avoid some intrusive splash screens asking to activate the trial, would be better.

Thank you for your suggestions !

Posted : 10/10/2020 6:42 pm