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X-Ways - .tar.gz files  

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Question for any X-Ways experts

I have two files, one a .zip one a .tar.gz. I have added both into X-Ways, and then added them into a DD and subsequently E01 evidence containers, then removed the raw files and added the E01 evidence containers into the case to work from.

I have run RVS with options which included the "Include contents of ZIP and RAR archives" option. The .zip file has opened up as I would expect it to and is viewable in both the main explorer pane and the left hand tree pane. The .tar.gz however is not expandable to view folders within the left hand tree pane. The only way I seem to be able to explore this compressed archive is through right clicking it on the tree pane (to recursively explore) or by double clicking in the main explorer pane to descend the directory structure.

Subsequently the "external virus check" won't export out the contents of the archive and instead is trying to export the .tar.gz as a whole. Mounting as a drive letter similarly just shows the single .tar.gz file.

Am I doing something wrong here? My workaround for the moment is just to untar the files outside of X-Ways (e.g. tar -xvzf) and then add the files back in and re-run RVS.


Posted : 15/01/2016 7:49 pm