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Interview with Oleg Fedorov, CEO & Founder, Oxygen Software  

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Oleg, please tell us about your role at Oxygen Software and why you decided to set up the company in 2000.

I started out as a developer, but in 1999 I decided that I needed a new challenge since I wanted to grow as a professional. I was advised to look into the market of Shareware and so I quit all my jobs and started Oxygen Software. Soon after, my friend Oleg Davydov joined me and we began to try different software markets.

That was the time of the “Matrix” cult movie. Do you remember the phones used by the actors? They were custom ones, but very similar to the Nokia 7110. It was a revolutionary device, the first phone that was able to store several phone fields for every contact and had advanced calendar features.

We at Oxygen were lucky that we released Oxygen Phone Manager for Nokia 7110 before Nokia included its support into their official PC Suite. This product gave us a great start. Later, there was another revolutionary phone, the Nokia 7650 on the Symbian OS. And again, Oxygen Phone Manager was the first software supporting Symbian smartphones.

Periodically, we were getting requests to release a read-only version of Oxygen Phone Manager. For me as a developer those requests looked quite strange, because what’s the problem in just NOT pressing the “Write” button? After some time, we finally got the explanation from the UK Metropolitan Police why the read-only version is so important. That is how the first version of Oxygen Forensic Suite arrived…

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Posted : 24/07/2014 6:23 pm