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Accessing Blackberry Messenger Chat Logs  

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With appropriate authority, can BBM chat logs be obtained from RIM? I understand that the server remains "involved" throughout the conversation, unlike other IM services. How long are they kept around?

Can BBM chat logs be forensically accessed if deleted from a handset?

If they have been uploaded to a PC, would the PINs responsible for each comment be accessible in some format?

I ask because my son has been charged with uttering death threats, apparently in the absence of any forensic evidence, just the Display Name. We need to establish that the PIN associated with this Display Name is not my son's PIN.

If anyone knows a court-quality, forensic mobile phone expert who operates in the Ottawa ON Canada area, we would love to hear! Our lawyer, the Crown, and the police seem to be having trouble appreciating the technical issues involved.

I am an IT consultant but I have no mobile expertise.

Posted : 14/09/2010 10:57 pm

Unfortunatly as far as i know, the chats are not logged by a RIM server, they are sent device to device via PIN. In some quick looking i've found the only logging that happens with BBM is

1) If you create an account to relay all of the messages
2) If the BB is sync'ed with a BES and the admin of the BES has enabled BBM logging.

Doesnt the prosecution have to prove your son was "sending" these messages?

Posted : 21/09/2010 8:00 pm