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Apple Watch Wrist Detection TimeLine  

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We work on a concept for Gov for a Certified Proofed Location CPL. Around crime suspects search for alibis to proof they are not involved in the crime - 'was not there'. For this we try to get out of an Apple Watch Series 2 (Watch OS 3.1.1 (14S883) the artifacts for evidence of the Wrist Detection TimeLine WDT.

Wrist Detection can be dis- or enabled on iOS and its also a precondition for Apple Pay with the Apple Watch. As series 2 consists of a GPS function its possible to match the authentication of a person finite with the location at the time requested.

Which forensic tool can deliver artifacts of Apple Watch in general? Which tool can bring the WDT into light?

A very important aspect of CPL is that the device delivering evidence was not manipulated/jailbroken. The aspect of the original state of a device has to consider deterioration of use.

Finally we belive it should be possible to deliver a CPL in front of the court.

Please help us to bring together the pieces to make it run.

What do you think? Do we miss something important? What are the weaknesses of this Proof? Do you see better or other alternatives to deliver a CPL?

Hang-in, open your mind here -)

Posted : 07/01/2017 1:19 am