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CelleBrite UFED Hex Dumping Feedback?  

New Member

Hi all,

I am looking at hex dumping solutions for mobile phones and have been trying to get some proper user feedback on the CelleBrite UFED Hex-Dumping add-on. Does anyone here use it, and do you think it's good value for money?

We currently have a basic hex dumping kit consisting of a SHU box, PM readers that mostly support Nokia handsets and Pandora's Box Pro to read the results. Has anyone used the UFED hex dumping software enough to let me know roughly what makes/models it supports? What kind of information could I expect it to retrieve?

It's proving quite difficult to find much information on it, even from CelleBrite. I have been informed this software has been released now, but I'm still none the wiser.

Any feedback would be great.

Posted : 07/07/2009 2:33 pm