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cellebrite ufed physical analyzer  

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Good Evening,

I have a cellebrite touch 1 and have carried out physical extraction of a number of devices. I cannot view these and need the physical analyser to decode. Please can anyone help? Can i purchase just the physical analyser software or dongle from anywhere?

Is there any other software that can decode this? I have no technical knowledge about decoding so would be completely relying on software.

I also would like to buy some accessories such as the memory card reader and some cables. Where can I get this from?

Posted : 13/10/2019 8:38 pm
New Member

Good morning,

Cellebrite provide Physical Analyser software and license dongle.

Depending on the type of output file for the extractions, other forensic tools may be able to read the file system and rebuild it but would recommend Physical Analyser as it would parse the databases etc. by default.

Memory card readers and cables etc may be bought from a third party but please note that Cellebrite uses proprietary cables which allow for particular extractions.

I hope this helps )

Posted : 14/10/2019 9:30 am