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Decoding the number of calls actually sent and received (IOS)

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Can anybody help me get my head around some data that is not making sense.

I have an iPhone 12 and I've decoded it in Physical Analyser and Oxygen (from a GK extraction) and both report about 400ish calls in the call log. However, when I go to the InteractionC (InCallService) I can see about 4000+ calls sent and received.

They are not being reported as deleted in either tool, so technically live data I'm guessing, so why am I not seeing 4400+ calls in my call log history? Does the call log data only come from the CallHistory.Storedata or are the 4000+ actually deleted? (I need to prove if the call history was deleted or not and I'm currently a bit confused). 

I also just re-checked the Z_PRIMARYKEY in CallHistory.storedata and there is a table 'CallRecord' and the value is 7814 (I've no idea if this is relevant or not?)




Posted : 16/08/2022 9:30 am
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