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Encrypted user partition Android 7.0  

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Hello colleagues! I have an image of Android 7.0, obtained as a result of the chip off device Nexus 5X (32gb). The phone is out of order. As it turned out, the user partition is encrypted. I have a user password.
Tell me, is there any way to get data from the encrypted section of Android? We are considering the idea of a live download of the system and user razels using SDK tools, but so far there is no success. Also, if there are no software methods, we want to try storing images in the memory of a similar device. Tell me, who tried the live download of images of Android using SDK tools or other programs, is it possible to do this in practice?

Posted : 24/09/2017 6:41 pm
New Member


We had quite similar case, but it was Honor NEM-L21 that was really in a bad shape. I also did a chip off and the user data was encrypted. In this case it was Android 6.

I desoldered the CPU also. So I had the CPU and eMMC chip in my hands.

I bought similar phone from local store, torn it down and managed to desolder cpu and eMMC from its motherboard. Then I managed to solder cpu and eMMC from our target phone to this new motherboard.

It booted (after power ic short was sorted) and luckily for us there were only a swipe lock. So in your case if you have the right password, you should be able to boot to UI and get hands on to user data.

So basically we repaired the phone by moving CPU and eMMC to a working motherboard.

Our case it was necessary to move "only" eMMC and CPU, but in your case you should really research if there is any other chip / chips to move from motherboard to another to have it working properly. It's also good to know that this procedure is not the easiest one, at least not for me ).

I might be wrong, but I think that the user data is bound to its hardware so software based method could be impossible…?

But good luck and hopefully you succeed, what ever your method is ).

Posted : 01/10/2017 1:33 pm