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EXIF data missing in handful of images

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Device - iPhone 6 running iOS v. 9.3.5


I am reviewing some images that appear to be taken in sequential order (IMG_2698, IMG_2699, IMG_2700, IMG_2701).


IMG_2698 has all of its EXIF data present. The following 3 are missing date/timestamps, gps location, etc. The only thing it is showing is the thumbnail, Lens make/model, iso speed, shutter speed, f-stop.


These images were taken from an iphone 6 and auto uploaded to the icloud. The original image was not stored on the device.


What are some reasons that these images failed to provide date/time info and gps locations?

Posted : 23/06/2020 9:06 pm
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I am assuming all of the images contain different depictions? Are they all .JPEG or are there other file extensions associated with the files?

Posted : 23/06/2020 9:16 pm
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Are you sure those are images and not the preview first shots of a video ?!

Posted : 24/06/2020 7:43 pm
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