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Forensic examination of IM application Trillian

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Hi, for my project I'm performing a forensic analysis of IM app Trillian using Celebrite UFED 4PC. However, upon performing a physical extraction on the rooted Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus, all data was unreadable, except from two photos and a voice message sent. In my report, I will need to justify why the results of the project were not successful and then define precautions I took against this and why they didn't work.

My question is, does anyone know why Cellebrite did not extract all data from Trillian, and why only a couple of photos and voice message were only found?

Thanks in advance!

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2019 11:25 am
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I've seen your other thread about Cellebrite and Trillian where you reference that you are doing a project, so before I answer further can I just check whether this is a university project/assignment? I ask as getting too much help here may adversely affect your grade if your supervisor/lecturer sees you simply being given the answers rather than researching them or finding them yourself.

So, in the event that it is a academic assignment of some description, firstly what reason do your teachers give you for this happening?

Secondly, does the Cellebrite software/manual suggest that Trillian should be supported?

Posted : 25/03/2019 11:40 am
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Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Yes its a university project, however I have not received clear answers and I'm struggling very much to find this myself

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2019 11:45 am