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Help Needed: Motorola W375 SMS Binary Decode

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Im currently working on a Motorola w375.

I have a Binary dump and i am trying to decode the sms, looking for time and dates.

i have managed to decode the text message and the sending number but thats where i got to.

has anyone done anywork with binary decodes on motorola's.

Thanks all.

Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2014 2:48 pm
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i remember having a motorola e770 and the sms timestamps needed to be converted from hex to decimal (each byte) but the exact offsets differ depending on incoming and outgoing messages

one example (incoming sms) was

(some header strings)

followed by 01 01 00 01 29 and then the timestamp

hex 08 0D 13 31 14
dec 08 13 19 49 20

i checked on the phone and the timestamp was shown as August 13th 1949
So the year is missing (at least i didnt find it) and the seconds weren't shown on the phone so i couldn't verify these values.

the sms goes on with a few bytes followed by the smsc number, other sender number and the text readable as ascii.

hope that helps

Posted : 26/02/2014 7:48 pm