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How to bypass samsungS5 lock without data lose

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Hi there I was in the middle of a lecture and changed my password from the finger print lock a month or two ago, some how i managed enter in wrong twice apparently not sure how that is even possible but there ya go.Data connection is not enable neither is gps or wifi it is default settings so i dont think it has adb enabled or is rooted. I dont own cellebrite ufed software or attachments but was wondering would the trial of the physical analyzer if they gave it to me would work with normal cable.Tried odin with twrp i flash it but t doesnt seem to changed anything maybe i did it wrong not sure.Looking for any way in to retrieve photos and videos dont care about reseting it afterwards.Havent tried any linux based stuff so if you know anything there that could help would be greatly appreciated. If there is any security flaws like this that could help would like that to.Or a way to recovery data after a reset any information on that would be greatly appreciated.Also i am allowed to enter the password as many times as i like never says log into gmail 30 second wait after every 5 goes and rang Samsung customer service but they were no help.Can provide the model number of the phone later if that helps left it in my apartment back there in a day or two its and Irish phone have receipt purchased around August.
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Topic starter Posted : 02/01/2015 9:05 pm
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