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How to determine the date when mobile phone was turn off (discharged)

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I;m working on a case where we have a discharged phone (from dead body).

Is it possible to determine the date when the phone turned off? (or at least some approximate time).

We didnt charge the phone and we didnt try to turn it on.

We can charge it and turn it on to see the latest calls but maybe it is some more precise way like seeing some log files when the phone discharged   ??


Posted : 30/05/2020 3:37 pm
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You may find it useful to firstly identify the make and model number of mobile phone.

As you are in the US there are best practice documents here (if you haven't seen them before) you might want to consider before examining the phone -

As a starter, the latest published doc from SWDGE .... 2019-07-16 SWGDE Best Practices for Mobile Device Evidence and Collection Preservation and Acquisition_v1_1 -

Posted : 31/05/2020 10:52 am
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Thanks for the links

Posted : 07/06/2020 7:16 pm
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