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Huawei Honor 7S (DUA-L22) bypass password  

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Hi Everyone,

I need to examine Huawei Honor 7S (DUA-L22) using OS 8.1(Oreo) with Chipset MT6739.

The device is password Protected and USB debugging is disabled. The device doesnot support by XRY, UFED, Oxygen.

I tried XRY(v7.8, UFED (7.8 ) and Oxygen (v10.3) using Similar profile, but "NO LUCK"

Any idea to do physical extraction?

Does any JTAG tools support that device?

Posted : 18/07/2018 8:03 am
Junior Member

Well, since this is a secure-boot device, you will need the DA (Download Agent) which can be found in the official firmware package.
With the right DA and EFT Dongle for example, you can bypass the lock screen using SystemUI remove method which will allow you to access the phone and extract all the data out of it.

Posted : 18/07/2018 5:47 pm
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Posted : 22/07/2018 9:30 am
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Qassam22222 - Thank you for the video link.

Quick question Do you recommend installing the EFT software on a forensic workstation that does NOT have Cellebrite and/or MOBILedit Forensic also installed? The reason I ask is that the last time I attempted to install a Chinese based "flashing" software onto a forensic workstation that was also running Celebrite and IEF, the Chinese "flashing" software wanted to take over all USB device based dongles and disabled the usage of the Cellebrite and IEF dongles.

Posted : 23/07/2018 11:43 pm