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I want to make an image of my phone hard drive and to be able to reinstall it

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I bought a Samsung A6 telephone.
I am concerned about safety.
For my computer, I make an image that allows me to rewrite the hard drive in case of malware.
I would like to do the same for my new phone.
I would like to take an image of my phone's hard drive before use.
I searched the internet for information.
I found mention of Magnet Acquire from Magnet Forensics.
I am unable to subscribe to the Magnet Forensics community.
I would like to know two things:
- Is https://www.forensicfocus.com linked to Magnet Forensics? Is it the Magnet Forensics community here ?
- I only want to do one thing: make an image of my smartphone and be able to put this image back in my phone.
I'm not looking to do "forensic" exams.
Does Magnet Acquire software allow to do this?
Thank you
Topic starter Posted : 06/05/2021 12:26 pm
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It doesn't really work like this, especially for newer, encrypted devices. For things like this all you actually need is to install TWRP (custom recovery mode) on the device, and make a backup that you can then restore later. Flashing recovery requires you to have OEM unlocking enabled in developer settings, and initially wiping your data, so it can access userdata partition correctly.


Alternatively, you could do a full backup using ISP method, but that's overkill. Malware and safety isn't that big concern on Samsung Android devices since you can always write factory firmware using Odin and have a clean device.

Posted : 08/05/2021 1:06 pm