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iOS 13.1: Get Apple ID from Activation-locked iPhone  

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Hi there!

I'm Nico, new here and excited about this cool area. This is my first thread.

We have an iPhone SE (1st Gen) here, it's an internal device bought by the autority but unfortunately nobody remebers the Apple ID. I know the password but not the according e-mail address

The device has been resetted so the Activation Lock screen appears, with censored e-mail address of course. My colleagues said it must have been a freemail address.

Weird circumstances, but is there a possibility to acquire the Apple ID from this device? I tried GrayKey AFU and UFED Checkm8 mode but it seems as if there's no Apple ID plist file or something like that is stored in the file system anymore.

Is it possible to gather the according Apple ID maybe from the Apple servers?

It is a nice opportunity to test what's possible, so Apple Store should be our last solution.

TLDR: I do not want to bypass the Activation Lock (not neccessary because I have the password), we just need the according Apple ID e-mail address.


Thank you!


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Posted : 22/09/2020 3:02 pm