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ip-box 7  

New Member

Hello colleagues. Your advice is very necessary.
I have a case in which I must get access to iPhone 7 (A1778), iOS 10.2.1.
Not so long ago in the Internet was information about the ip-box 7. It was reported that this device uses brute force to select 6-digit passwords for devices running iOS 10-10.3.2.
Tell me, did anyone in his practice use ip-box 7? Success?
Thank you very much for any help.

Posted : 26/11/2017 12:54 am

It will not work anymore since Apple stop signing 10.x.x which was necessary for get it work… so right now it's perfect papework holder for your desk as any other bx created and sold for iPhone 7 😉 (this is main reason why we have not added as even free update into XPIN since it was known that Apple will stop sign IPSW for 10.x once 11 will be available)

But even if it works… many of Chinese seller don't give true information….. for example "attack for 6 digits code can take long, many days…" - this we can read on most of pages. But why not give true and correct information ? Because people when get real information will probably not buy it . For all enter of each code for iPhone 7/7 Plus using exploit available in 7/7Plus when restore without data lost takes around 11 minutes per 1 code….. so you got 5 codes per hour and about 120 per day…. for 4 digit code you check all combinations in…… 85 days (for 9999 combinations) and this is OK so acceptable in most of cases where data are required (we have used this method on XPIN special created update to BF one of iPhone and took 83 days) but try to imagine that instead 9999 tries you need to check 999999 (so 6 digit passcode) so you got 8500 days… around 23 years ;)))) If you got already prepared phone (so flashed it with old ISPW preserving data lost, it's still connected in restore mode) if you will run attack now it will maximally be ended before December 2040 year ;)…. assuming that it will not be death while powered ON for 23 years and all that time restoring data from NAND after each boot…..

Posted : 26/11/2017 4:47 pm