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iPhone 8 Plus with .MP4 videos  

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Need to verify if .MP4 formatted videos were taken with a particular iPhone 8 Plus. Does the iPhone 8 plus save videos in the MP4 format? How to determine if a video was airdropped.

I have an iPhone 8 plus with OS 12.1, full file system extraction that has numerous .MP4 videos within the Media\DCIM file path

There are also many .MOV videos within the same Media\DCIM file path. The .MOV displays all exif data,.MP4 files only shows date / time created, modified and accessed.  

Videos were taken between Oct 2018 and Feb 2019

I can confirm the surroundings of the videos, and that they are not from the internet.

There is no indication the videos were sent via text (SMS/MMS) or any other application

Currently using Physical Analyzer and Axiom 4.8.1



Topic starter Posted : 05/01/2021 7:51 pm
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I received a partial answer from an Apple tech:

Prior to OS 11, iPhones used .MP4 video file format as the default. From OS 11 to present day the default video format is .MOV. Currently the user would need to go into the settings to change the video format to .MP4. If the user uses iTunes at any point, the video format will automatically change to .MP4.



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