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Iridium Satellite Phone 'SIM' Card  

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Has anybody had any experience examining a SIM card issued by Iridium for use within their satellite phones?

I have a colleague who has one and while they have been able to examine the GSM application on the SIM using traditional tools I have pointed out there is potential for there to be another application present for use on the satellite network which may also contain data.

Does anybody have any suggestions of a tool which may be able to examine this application, or indeed have the knowledge to confirm that there is in fact another application present on these smart cards?

Greatful for any help.


Posted : 19/07/2012 8:31 pm
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Hi Colin,
I did some work on satellite phones / sim cards, and didnt find much information from the sim.

When I looked at the ETSI spec for sim cards (a while ago now, so may have changed), it lists reserved DFs for iridium, globalsat and some others. However, all the sat phones I tested never wrote anything to these DFs (I dont think they even existed on the cards).

As I understand it, the satellite authentication process is similar to how a mobile phone authenticates.
The network sends a RAND key and the sim card generates a session key and token (Kc and SRES i think) based on its Ki. After that, pretty much everything is handled by the phone itself.
So I dont think you will find any useful account details on top of what you get from your traditional SIM card reader.

One tool I find useful is RUIM Tools. You can download it here http//

You can download and install it for free, and you when you read the sim card it lists all the DFs and EFs on the card. You can then manually check the (raw) content of these files, and maybe you will find something useful… If you do, please share it D

Posted : 23/07/2012 12:50 pm