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Hello My Dear Forensic People's,

I am currently a forensic examiner, not the best one in the world, but I consider my self a passionate beginner. I am currently using Cellebrite and IEF and doing my work really well, but being passionate I cannot stop their, that's why I have taken matters to my own hands now and would like to go further than I currently am capable of doing, by doing some chipset work and grabbing dump files off them.

I have done some decent research, but midway I thought I should talk and get some opinions of you guys and see if I'm going towards the right path.

First off I would like to say, going on a JTAG course would be really hard for me right now since scheduling will not allow it, secondly I think I have found all the products I need to purchase to learn on and I would like you forensic geniuses to have a look at it and see what you thing.

These are the products I am willing to buy,

1- Z3X Easy Jtag Box
2- MOORC E-Mate Pro EMMC Tool
3- VR Table For JTAG - EMMC

and many more other tools to make an even better workbench for JTAGing, but these are top 3 apparently required to successfully grab an image of a phone's motherboard.

and oh I forgot to mention, would a 1 year subscription to eMMCpinouts.com be sufficient enough both software and documents wise in regards to my work, or would I need more software's to grab an image whence connected?

Basically I would like to know what my next steps should be, if possible, can someone here on Forensic Focus guide me in what to do next after my purchase? I have decent experience in repairing phone's, so playing around and this time grabbing an image shouldn't be a problem, just need to know how and how to do it properly.

As I said, I have no time to go on a physical course, I can do an online one though…

AND BOOKS, please link me some Amazon books or free books to read if any of you know of any.

Thank you for your Replies! )

Posted : 04/02/2017 7:52 pm
Senior Member

I would be also interested in a list of worthy books or tutorials regarding JTAG / ISP / eMMC acquisitions.

Posted : 04/02/2017 8:15 pm

Forensic Focus, y u do dis (

Posted : 07/02/2017 11:47 am