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LastPass on iOS devices and screen lock issues

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I am working on a CDMA iPhone 8+(A1864) running iOS 14.4.  I'm attempting to obtain a checkm8 FFS extraction with the Touch 2, however, even with the passcode, as it is the victim's phone, I am unable to remove the screen lock from the phone.  The option is available, but when selected it does not remove the lock.  Apple pay and car keys would be disabled if I remove the lock.  I did not see any such "car keys" association on the phone and was unable to disable Apple Pay under the Apple Pay settings.  The phone has Airplane mode enabled.  I reviewed the applications and email clients and have not found any email exchange server accounts associated with the phone.  The phone belongs to a juvenile so there are no work applications restricting the screen lock settings. 

I located a password application "LastPass" on the phone.  I've emailed their tech support but no response yet.  Does anyone know if iOS devices using the LastPass application are required to have a screen lock which is blocking my ability to remove the lock.  I haven't been able to locate any additional applications that may also be contributing to the issue.  Any other suggestions are also welcome.

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Topic starter Posted : 04/06/2021 4:24 pm