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LG M210- Cellebrite bypassed the lock, now how to remove it?  

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I am using Cellebrite UFED Touch 2 and have an LG model M210. The phone is locked and the owner/user is deceased. I am able to use the Touch 2 to bypass the lock, however, to complete extractions, I need to disable the lock completely and set to "none".

The Physical extraction failed due to the security patch being insufficient. I obtained Calendar/SMS/MMS/Call logs on a partial Logical extraction, however, the extraction failed to obtain media(images, video, ringtones, audio).

I input a blank Micro SD card into the tray as recommended by the Touch 2, along with I identified at least 50MB of free space on the device. The next recommendation is to restart the phone and then attempt the extraction again at the process of the media files, however, I would have to exit from the extraction and open up the lock bypass function as the lock enables upon restart. I was also unable to obtain a File System extraction due to the lock enable upon restart, during the extraction.

I imported the data into Cellebrite UFED Physical Analyzer, however, it did not yield any pin combination that successfully unlocked the phone.

Anyone have any ideas? I have done everything suggested by Cellebrite, other than disable the lock to "none" as the current pin unlock code is needed to remove the lock.

thanks for your input

Posted : 28/03/2018 9:55 pm