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Main.enc Blackberry messenger  

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I have a physical image of an IPhone 4s and I'm trying to extract the Blackberry Messenger Database to get the messages from it.

All the references I have seen on other websites show the file as main.db, not .enc and looking at the file it appears to whole Sqlite database is encrypted.

The Iphone has a complex passcode on it which means I have not been able to do a logical/filesystem extraction using UFED/XRY.

My questions are
Is there any way to decrypt the database file as it is currently in its .enc state?
Would a logical/filesystem extraction recover a decrypted version of this file?
If so where would I locate the hash of the complex password to crack (i'm assuming it would be with John the Ripper or similar)?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Posted : 15/06/2015 1:12 pm