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Mobile Forensic Tool Comparisons

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I have been searching for any papers or published studies comparing many of the different tools for extracting and processing a mobile device. The comparison between gray key, magnet, cellebrite, etc. The data that is seen in one and not the other. Mostly it is the extraction I'm interested in. Not the comparison of logical to physical or file system, but let say a logical but what's the data differences across the platforms.

As many of you probably have the same conundrum, the balance between a device waiting in the forensic queue for weeks to months or using something to get the actionable intel/evidence within a day. I suppose it's the balance.

Posted : 13/02/2023 10:56 pm
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NIST has an outdated but thorough comparison test.

If you own some tools, why not run a comparison yourself and publish the results?

Posted : 16/02/2023 4:55 pm
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@unallocatedclusters yeah I only have access to one tool at this time. Which is why I was hoping someone else had done a comparison. With everyone claiming favorites there doesn't seem to be any whitepapers written on the topic.

Posted : 14/03/2023 3:20 pm
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