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n82 communication and operating system information  

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Hey guys,

It's me again! Only this time I come with questions regarding the N82 which google can't answer, so I'm hoping to pick your brains and gather some useful information and discussions.

I've got an N82 that I wish to interrogate using TULP2G, yup I know its an old forensic framework and it's my job to update it and make it compatible with N82. You maybe asking why at this moment, well its for my dissertation.

So my questions are

1) Does anyone know where I can obtain a guideline on the N82, regarding supported protocols in terms of connections? I've surfed Nokia's website for a little while but that proved to be fruitless. Other applications can talk to the device so it must be known to other developers.

2) Does anyone know where I can find some information relating to the layout of data on the device? This would prove useful in terms of pulling the data from it.

Thats me done, I look forward to reading the discussion. )

Posted : 17/06/2009 1:29 am
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Most mainstream forensic tools use an agent in order to obtain most data from a Symbian handset - I think you can use a standard command set to get the contacts, and probably SYNCML to grab the organiser stuff but it seems to be common practice to use an agent for most of the rest of it.

I know that the calls + event log are all stored in a file that will need to be parsed and I believe the same is true for messaging (although I confess not to have looked too deeply into messaging.)

Sounds like a pretty big task - so good luck!

Posted : 17/06/2009 1:56 pm
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I'm trying to implement an communication protocol. Going to have a look at the s60 device information. Lets hope I get somewhere with this.

Posted : 17/06/2009 3:09 pm