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Need help proving police edited my footage of interaction with them please.

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Hi All,


I recently had an interaction with the police when I was arrested for forgetting my mask (I have a medical reason but had forgotten my paperwork). I filmed the whole 9 minutes, and after having my phone snatched towards the end of the incident, the phone was taken for 3 days without legal reason. Upon return of my phone lots of the footage (90%) was missing. I have had a Forensics team get all the data while my phone was in police hands, but I'm having a hard time understanding it. Here is one example I need help with- what is this?

Just as an example. Lots of things don't add up, the videos are gone so now its a case of unravelling the lies. Could use the help as I'm only a beginner.




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Here's another one:

What does this mean?


Cheers guys!

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Your story doesn't make sense.  So you had a private forensic company do an extraction of your phone while the police had it?  Also, 90% of the video that you recorded the encounter of is missing?  What you asked about are property lists from different apps.  

Posted : 03/10/2021 7:16 pm
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@jadams951 haha my apologies. Let me try and clear it up for you.


I was arrested, and had filmed the entire incident. My phone was snatched off me during the arrest. When I arrived at the station the arresting officer took my phone into a room for a few hours. I was told it was not examined. They kept it seized, without giving legal reason (it had nothing to do with why I was arrested- which was for not wearing a mask and leaving my medical paperwork at home) for three days.

When my phone was returned to me 3 days later 90% of the footage I had taken of the incident had been edited by the police to leave only 10% of the original footage. They have deleted all the incriminating evidence against themselves.

I subsequently sent my phone to a forensics company in Sydney to try and retrieve the videos, to no avail as my icloud had already automatically backed up and so only the edited footage was available. 


The data extracted by the forensics company doesn't have the footage, but all I have to do is prove that my phone was tampered with while in police posession. So I'm going through all the small files to work out if some of them prove this. 

Does that make sense?



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@bangalay8 It sounds like the forensics company in Sydney is in the best position to assist you.

Posted : 05/10/2021 4:56 pm
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