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Hi all,

I am looking to move into the Mobile Forensics arena and was looking for some advice on courses / qualifications I should be aiming for?
I have experience in IT from a helpdesk/support capapcity and have a general understanding of mobile technologies and I'm looking to improve on this and become qualified as a Forensic examiner.

Are there any recommended university courses available or is it more based on vendor training for the software I would be using on the job?


Posted : 19/02/2009 8:16 pm
Community Legend

It's a good question and I can tell you from the recent survey that you're by no means alone in looking for mobile forensics training. There are courses out there but you'll almost certainly find that vendor or other commercial organisation training far outnumbers anything available from an academic institution at the moment. I think the mobile forensics training market at the moment is somewhat limited in comparison with computer forensics but that's likely to change at some point IMHO.

Perhaps others have experience of courses which they can share?


Posted : 19/02/2009 10:23 pm
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Just from my personal experience, when I got laid off last year I bought a Passport from Guidance Software (they have an office 20 minutes away from me). It lets me take as many classes as I like within a year and I only pay one fee for the passport. So with that I ended up taking 8 classes over the course of four months and got a lot out of it (including a new job). I also got my CHFI certification last year (and I'm halfway to my EnCE).
You might want to consider looking at general computer forensics classes and pick up the mobile classes when they are out there. I haven't seen as much of a specific mobile market in computer forensics (training wise) yet.
That being said, Oxygen is having a one day training class in Chicago at the Police training academy in May. I'm going to that as well. The biggest issue in mobile forensics is the number of "OS's" that run the phones. Not every product handles every phone equally well.
Overall I would say get as much training as you can afford if you really want to do this (as numerous people told me).


Posted : 20/02/2009 12:20 am