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No option to trust iPhone iOS 14.6

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Hi all

We have an iPhone iOS 14.6 which we are looking to image, but we do not get the option to trust this device when connecting it to a laptop for imaging.  We have tried the resets, different cables, different laptops, and also reset the Location & Privacy settings and the Network settings.

Would anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : 19/10/2021 12:35 pm
Junior Member

Is the port faulty? Try cleaning or replacing as required.


Or as it been through greykey or another similar bit of kit?  This can sometimes cause an issue - which can sometimes be fixed by it being re ran through the process.  

(If someone knows how to fix this issue without access to greykey etc please post here or message me as it would be handy to know for the future)


Posted : 20/10/2021 12:32 pm
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