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Phone number "Hot Sheet" ideas?  

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I am looking for a cost effective time efficient way to build a "hot sheet" of common contact numbers used by narcotics suspects.

Basically I download a lot of low level dealer phones and we have a ton of data but other than old fashion comparison i have not found a quick way to identify common contacts between them. I have messed around with spreadsheet pivot tables and that is as far as I have taken it. We are want to find "the big guy" hopefully by comparing all the low and mid level contacts we can locate a common source or two. Our area like many of you i am sure, has been hit by a lot of overdose deaths.

Wondering if any of you guys had any ideas or knew of a reasonable priced software that could help out. 


Thanks in advance, B. Styers

Posted : 20/11/2020 3:52 pm