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Photo recovery Galaxy S9+  

New Member

I am hoping that someone here can help me. I have contacted many companies and have been told that my problem is a lost cause. If this forum agrees I will trust what you say.

I have a Samsung galaxy s9+ that underwent a factory reset and lost all the photos. My other information was recovered from the backup, but the photos were not there. I am a heartbroken parent. I completely understand if this information is not recoverable, and that it may be even more unlikely because of the model I have (G965U). I just want to exhaust all of my options before I give up. It just happened 36 hours ago.

I appreciate your time and experience. Thank you.

Posted : 13/11/2019 3:04 pm
Active Member

Due to the fact that those phones are factory encrypted and factory reset changes encryption keys, it's not really possible to recover any data from before as far as i know. Sorry to confirm what others said, but this is a lost cause.

Posted : 13/11/2019 7:47 pm
Senior Member

For now it looks like a lost cause.

I see some chances that in the future the deleted encryption keys could be recovered somehow and maybe then there is a chance to decrypt your data again from the userdata partition. Keep the device operable, shut down, don't use it, but be sure you charge it now and then, because even if there would be a solution in the future, the hardware must be working for doing anything.

Posted : 14/11/2019 4:06 pm
Active Member

@passcodeunlock, hmm, since even getting back deleted files, including pictures from a non encrypted android devices is rarely possible (except when dumping those via "NAND protocol" that cannot be applied here) wouldn't you need an intact, bit to bit copy of whole userdata partition from before factory reset to be able to decrypt it (let's assume that you have the previous key) and dig for lost pictures?

Posted : 14/11/2019 10:08 pm

in the future i recommend loading on google photos and choosing the "high quality option" at least it will backup your photos for free (unlimited) in high quality to your google account.

Posted : 15/11/2019 5:54 pm