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Question on getting data off of iPhone7

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I was referred to this site to get information on a topic.
My iPhone7 originally starting not responding to touch due to it being cracked. I currently do not have any back-up on the phone. I took it to the apple store to try and have the screen fixed in order to do a back-up. Before fixing the screen, they plugged in my device to iTunes to try and do an update with the latest software. During the update, the phone cont'd to fail, and it said the update could not be completed. I think this was because my phone didn't have enough space to complete the update (but we are not sure why it failed.) Due to this, my phone is now stuck on the screen where it is showing you to connect to iTunes. Apple said that currently the only other option is to restore the phone and lose all content in order to move forward with fixing the device, but that I should also check, because others may be able to get my data off, such as websites like these. I know that the information is still on my phone, because I see my contacts are visible through my iPad, but no other resources are linked to my iPad.
Just trying to find a solution/fix in order to retrieve the lost files off of my phone. I now have a new device that we could transfer the files too, and I've been told that if the data is still within the internal phone, we can get it off most likely.
This includes all of my photos, videos, contacts, texts, Notes, voice memos.
Just asking for resources!
Thank you for your help!-


Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2018 1:30 pm
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Is the screen black ? Do you see something? Maybe u can plug over an adapter a mouse to the iphone )

Posted : 03/10/2018 1:47 pm
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The device is stuck in recovery mode, but your data should all be there.

Posted : 03/10/2018 2:21 pm