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REDDIT POST: Run checkra1n from an Android device  

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Repost from Reddit


An iDevice compatible with checkra1n.

An Android device with root access. Newer Linux and Android versions are more likely to work. I used a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact on Android 10 with kernel 4.14, rooted with Magisk 20.3.

A terminal app on your Android device, for instance Termux.

A way to connect your two devices. In particular some of the Apple USB-C to Lightning cables cannot be used to put iDevices in DFU mode due to missing pins. I used the Exsys EX-47990 USB-C to USB-A adapter and the Apple USB-A to Lightning cable.


Download the checkra1n binary for Linux and the correct µarch of your Android device.

Put it in a directory where execution is allowed, I used /data but the Termux virtual storage may be a cleaner solution.

Connect your iDevice to it.

Open the terminal app and gain root access.

Check that your iDevice is recognized.
The USB ID should be 05ac12a8.

Put your iDevice in DFU mode, see for instructions.

Check that your iDevice is still recognized.
Now the USB ID should be 05ac1227. If it's no longer listed try to unplug the USB-C cable from the Android device and plug it again.

Run checkra1n in CLI mode.
./checkra1n -c

Profit! (or probably, try again since it's not very reliable)"

Posted : 04/03/2020 8:19 pm
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Not only can you use an Android to checkra1n an iPhone you can then install Linux on an iPhone and then, presumably, use that iPhone to checkra1n other iPhones!!!

Posted : 06/03/2020 12:03 pm
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I don't think I would trust any Android device to run the Checkm8 exploit on an iPhone. Why risk bricking a suspect's device by using a procedure that is not even very reliable?

If it's all for fun, then perhaps, I might consider it.

Posted : 07/05/2020 9:56 pm
Junior Member

I would recommend Raspberry Pi 4 🙂

Posted : 18/05/2020 12:36 pm