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Samsung Star, Tocco Lite or Avila  

New Member

I need to recover data and remove password from a Samsung GT-S5230, with Samsung Star operating system, Tocco Lite or Avila. The cellebrite and the paraben did not resolve. I need alternative suggestions for extraction and recovery. tks

Posted : 11/11/2019 2:17 pm
Senior Member

Here is a link to Samsung desktop software for the phone

Perhaps you could use the Samsung desktop software to make a backup of the phone.

Posted : 12/11/2019 1:54 am
Active Member

If you have unlock boxes, like z3x then those were able to reset usercode back to default one - 00000000.

Posted : 12/11/2019 7:08 pm
Junior Member

* The handset lock code can usually be extracted using the following AT command AT+PHLOCK.
* If the AT command doesn't work, but you have a flash dump, the code is stored in ASCII, surrounded by \x00s, often close to the ICCID of the last used SIM card. Try searching for (?<=\x00{100})[0-9]{4,8}(?=\x00{100}).
* Some flasher boxes allow you to read the lock code.
* If that fails too, some flasher boxes let you reset the code to 00000000, as mentioned previously.

Posted : 20/11/2019 1:03 pm
New Member

When I try to access the folders, they have a password. When I connect the cable to the PC via USB, it also asks for password. But I am unable to remove this password. I already tried what they suggested in this topic, but it doesn't work.

Posted : 09/12/2019 3:18 pm