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sent messages "not sent"  

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Has anybody had the following happen to them,and if so do you have an explation?
Yesterday I was travelling on the snake pass (a57) coming from sheffield (which meant coverage was intermittent).
I sent a txt to a colleague and after a while he replied,then half an hour later i got a screen shot on my mobile stating that the message could not be sent??
I checked my phone and the message was in the outbox(pending being sent) no trace of it in the sent box and on my home screen i have the tray and an arrow pointing down next to my battery indicator (indicating i still have a message to send).
Without any network help and just relying on the handset to give you information you can see there could be some issues relating to threats being sent by text for example ( with just my phone and nothing else i would argue that i never sent the txt as i thought better of it!!!)

Posted : 06/06/2009 4:48 pm

This has happened to me quite a few times recently on a Windows Mobile device

Posted : 08/06/2009 2:41 pm
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Strange eh! I am on windows, on Voda and my handset's a Nokia 8800 Arte,didnt know which element it was down to but, maybe it is the Windows thanks

Posted : 08/06/2009 3:13 pm