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Sony Ericsson C903  

New Member

Dear all,

I need to dump memory from a SE C903 (SEMC A2). It seems that neither cellebrite nor xact can do the job, so I'm using SETOOL.
I don't have the correct address range for this cell phone. Anybody out there has already made this dump and can provide the adress range?

Thanks a lot,


Posted : 02/01/2010 3:49 pm
Junior Member

I'm a frequent user of XRY, XACT and Cellebrite. All I can say is good luck on this one. XACT tends to support a lot of memory dumps for Nokia phones and other models go out the window. Cellebrite for us is the beta memory dump utility. You may want to contact Cellebrite, who have developed the full memory dump add-on for Cellebrite to quiz them on what is the starting memory address or alternatively get in touch with the manufacturer themselves.

…if only it was an iPhone.

Posted : 02/01/2010 4:42 pm